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I'm single father of handsome French Bulldog. I nurse and cook for the people in need but during my free time I relax working with my miniatures.
Started to keep "Quest list" about my current models I need to work with.
My "main quests" models are what I am currently focused to build/convert & paint and "side quests" are models which I will work on when I have time, energy or interest among my gaming group & myself.

Main Quests:
- 40k: Nurgle Wall of Martyrs Defence Network (Defence lines & emplacements, Bunker, Firestorm Redoubt, Vengeance Weapon Batteries)
- 40k: Nurgle Wall of Martyrs Aquila Strongpoint
- Blood Bowl Halflings

Side Quests:
- 40k: 6 Nurgle Chosen (Dark Vengeance-starter)
- 40k: Nurgle Lord (Dark Vengeance-starter)
- 40k: Nurgle Renegade Space Marines
- 40k: Dark Angels Aegis Defence Line
- 40k: Dark Angels Company Master (Dark Vengeance-starter)
- 40k: Dark Angels Libarian (Dark Vengeance-starter)
- Warpath/Deadzone: Marauders
- Space Hulk models
- Kings of War: Undead
- Fantasy Battle: Herald of Khorne
- Fantasy Battle: Blood Throne of Khorne
- Fantasy Battle: Karanak
- Infinity: 4 PanOceania Fusiliers
- The Walking Dead: All Out War-models (Negan kickstarter exclusive included)


After taking small break from captured 40k Wall of Martyrs, I painted my old Marauder Miniatures Chaos models I found in flea market for the Mordheim-game. I will finish my Tzeentch Brethren at once when the weather favours me. :)
Mordheim Chaos Beastmen
"Beastmen are mutated monstrosities that infest the forests of the Empire: massive horned creatures with an inhuman resistance to pain. The destruction of Mordheim brought many Beastmen into the ruined city to prey upon the survivors. They readily ally with the Magisters of the Possessed warbands."

Games Workshop models. Washed.


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